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Hello and welcome to my Portfolio! There are different categories you can select, I hope you find what you are looking for. Most information is right here on the front page as you scroll down.

About me

A 22 year old, living in Denmark. My interests are far and wide and I love seeing where my creativity can take me. Pushing my boundaries as an artist is my number one goal when I start any project.

I've recently developed my music to be influenced by the 80's pop and synth and I feel really comfortable with it. Music has always been my number one passion, but its sometimes hard to tell, because I love gamedevelopment so much.

I also love a good story, a good story can make any game worthwhile. If you are going to sell any game, I would not recommend doing it without a story. It can be a simple one, it can be a compelling one. It serves as a form of progress, something you want to uncover, something you want to find a conclusion to. However this does require some skillful writing. With a good mind and a passionate heart, I think the story can be the most powerful factor in a good game.

If you go to my programming page, I have listed a few games that you can play straight here in the browser for free.

My music page keeps track of the songs and sounds that I feel best represent where I am at. However my full library of music is located on soundcloud.